Message from the Chairman, Non-Profit Organization, Financial Instruments Mediation Assistance Center

Non-Profit Organization, Financial Instruments
Mediation Assistance Center
Chairman Masaharu Hino


Thank you for visiting FINMAC’s website.


Non-Profit Organization, Financial Instruments Mediation Assistance Center (abbreviation: FINMAC) is an organization established in order to integrate services of financial ADR (alternative dispute resolution in the financial sector to bypass legal actions) provided by five self-regulatory bodies which are under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and include the Japan Securities Dealers Association, as well as in order to newly conduct financial ADR services with respect to Type II Financial Instruments Business (aiming to fill in the so-called gaps in the financial ADR system). Since February 2010, FINMAC has been steadily expanding its business operations.


Furthermore, in addition to the certification granted by the Ministry of Justice at the time of establishment, FINMAC has obtained designation from the Commissioner of the Financial Services Agency under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. As of April 1, 2011, FINMAC has commenced its services (complaint handling and dispute resolution services) as a Designated Dispute Resolution Organization with respect to the Type I Financial Instruments Business.


Behind the background of the establishment of FINMAC, there were strong demands for further improvement of the financial ADR system, since the number of complaints and disputes in the financial sector is increasing each year with the expansion, complexity, advancement, etc. of Financial Instruments Transactions. It is pointed out that, compared with dispute resolution through trials (lawsuits), ADR (alternative dispute resolution bypassing legal actions) has characteristics, such as (1) simpler and faster settlement, (2) courteous and flexible settlement based on professional knowledge and experience in accordance with the actual facts, and (3) settlement with due consideration for privacy of the parties concerned. FINMAC will continue to make full use of such characteristics of ADR and devote maximum efforts to play an appropriate role as a fair and neutral financial ADR organization. In particular, with respect to its business operation in the future, the focus will be on the following issues.


First, pursuant to the purpose of the financial ADR system, FINMAC will provide consultation, complaint handling, and mediation services to settle disputes related to troubles between a Financial Instruments Business Operator or a Financial Institution and its customer (user) in a fair and neutral position.


Second, FINMAC will make further efforts to become a financial ADR organization that can win the users’confidence by actively listening to the comments, etc. from users; focusing on the exercise of expertise and prompt execution of business operation; and striving for further development of skills.


Third, FINMAC will properly transmit information about the status of complaint handling and dispute settlement (mediation), from the viewpoint that contributes to the prevention of troubles related to Financial Instruments Transactions and the enhancement and improvement of the compliance systems of the Financial Instruments Business Operators and Financial Institutions. In addition, FINMAC will make further efforts to provide information about the meaning and role of FINMAC through the website, etc.


Fourth, FINMAC will promote close coordination and cooperation with other financial ADR organizations and self-regulatory bodies (including Japan Securities Dealers Association; The Financial Futures Association of Japan; The Investment Trusts Association, Japan; Japan Investment Advisers Association; and Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association, which entrust FINMAC with complaint handling and dispute settlement services).


If you are facing any trouble related to Financial Instruments Transactions, please feel free to consult with FINMAC.